Brand Tech 2

Designed to avoid the fin catching when bodyboarders ride in the dropknee position. 
Super soft silicone for unsurpassed comfort.
V Rail Design for maximum speed and traction.
Central vortex drainage features 3 drain holes ensuring water & sand are quickly flushed.
Contour Ankle strap designed to ensure maximum comfort.
Non-slip tread.
Ergonomic foot cavity moulded to left and right foot shape for ultimate fit. This asymmetrical design is based on the body’s natural movement, designed to equally distributes the force around the foot.
Non-slip tread.
Perfect for bodyboarding and surf swimming.
*These fins do not float , its very important to wear fin savers with these fins

The first Hydro “Original Fins” were developed over 24 years ago.

The Original Fin introduced the revolutionary V-Rail which increased surface area and in-turn maximised the thrust of each kick. The fins symmetrical design eradicates leg twist motion allowing longer surfs and less strain/injury to the user.

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