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Brand Ride

Asymmetrical Stitched Ankle Strap is made from multi-density 3D padding and formed EVA. The injected polycarbonate Spectrum™ Chassis is lightweight and features a stance correct heel cup. Nylon Highback provides a mix of response and comfort. Astroglyde™ CP Ratchets are built for durable performance. The LXH is a soft flexing binding for riders of all ability levels.


Binding Highback: Nylon Blend 

Binding Ankle Strap: Stitched 

Binding category: Freeride 

Binding Chassis: Spectrum™ 

Binding Footbed: Wedgie™ 2.5 

Binding Toe Strap: ThinGrip™ Plus 

Binding Ratchet: ASTROGLYDE™ CP 

Binding Discs: Compact™ Disc 


Size: Small (US 4-7) / Medium (US 7-11)

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