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Brand Ride

Two Piece Ankle Strap contours to the shape of your boot and provides long-term support. The aluminum Infinity™ Chassis System features stance correct heel cup and Micro Disc mounting system. Slimeback™ Highback delivers a smooth ride while providing fluid support. Linkage Ratchets eliminate ratchet wag and improves ladder durability. The LTD is designed for responsive freestyle performance.


Binding Basepad: Urethane Pad 

Binding Highback: Slimeback (Urethane) 

Binding Ankle Strap: Two-Piece Strap 

Binding Ratchet: Linkage Ratchet 

Binding Discs: Micro-Disc 

Binding category: Freestyle 

Binding Chassis: Infinity™ 

Binding Footbed: Wedgie™ 2.5 

Binding Toe Strap: ThinGrip™ Max 


Sizes: Medium ( US 5-9) / Large (US 8-12) / XL (US 11-15)

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