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The amount of times you'll see a binding this good is pretty limited. The Ride LTD lives up to it's name by being the only binding in Ride's lineup that offers both their Infinity Chassis alongside their Slimeback Highbacks, and the end result is pretty stellar. The Infinity Chassis is comprisede of Aircraft Grade 60601 Aluminium, creating a super lightwight, ultra high strength platform. While the Slimeback Highbacks with their Urethane construction offer unparalleled vibration and shock dampening, with lightning fast response. Together these two parts united make for a binding which can handle everything from high end freestyle riding, all the way through to the hard chargers out there looking to go big off every feature they find.

Flex - 6/10: A medium flexing binding that provides the best of both worlds, forgiving enough for the park, but also able to handle harder riding
Material - 6061 Aluminium Chassis
Urethane Highback
Canted EVA Footbed
EVA Chassis Dampening
Straps - TwinGrip Ankle Straps: The New TwinGrip Ankle Straps ditch the bulk and weight of traditional ankle straps, and conform to the shape of your boots better to offer support and comfort that traditional strap designs can't keep up with.
Buckles - AstroGlyde LT Ratchets: An Aluminium ratchet lever that has been cored out to provide maximum durability, and ultra light weight.
Compatability: Compatable with 4x2, EST

Medium - US 5-9
Large - US 8-12
Extra Large - US 11-15

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