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Brand DEUS

Born in Tokyo in 1977, Kei Naito grew up living above the Naito Engineering
workshop run by his Grandfather and later his Father. As a young boy his
attention was fully consumed by details of rare cars hoisted below his
bedroom and the revered craftmanship used to restore and refine them.
This obsessive fascination with colour, shape and detail manifests today in
his work as an artist.

Applying brush to canvas, creating a visceral
connection to the machines of speed, function and beauty that he works on
daily as mechanic and President of Naito Auto Engineering - one of Japan's
best kept automotive secrets.

In Naito’s paintings, facets of prosaic objects are amplified and distorted,
reimagined in macro and rendered beyond recognition. Elements are
multiplied and fragmented into mosaics of resplendent colour, the duality of
his imagination and his environment cross pollinating and in full blossom.
Kei's visual explorations of colour and form are magnificently showcased in
this special limited collaboration collection between Kei Naito & Deus Ex
Machina available now.

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