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Double Rap Rax are aerodynamic surfboard soft roof racks perfect for surf missions capable of double stacking so you can take more boards on your roof. The most reliable, portable and practical surfboard travel soft racks on the planet. No roof racks needed, simple attachment through doors to fit most vehicles. 
- Strong, secure, rust-proof buckles which include neoprene buckle covers to protect both car and boards. 
- High Strength strap webbing 
- Raised eva foam pads with extra high eva foam pads. Keeps handles and zips clear of car roof, raised to prevent scratching from webbing contact. 
- Reusable carry bag 
- Dual Roof Racks (fit more boards) 
- Aerodynamic pads 
- Soft & secure 
- Easy to attach & remove 
- Suits cars without roof gutters 
LOAD:1-6 Shortboards, or 2 Longboards and 2 Shortboards 

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