When the clear cover sheets are used to contour and magnify the suns effect on this premium resin, jelling starts within 15 seconds in full sun on it’s way to a crystal clear full cure in about 2 to 3 minutes. Endless Shelf Life and Airline friendly, this kit is loaded with everything you'll need to maintain your board in top running condition. Our eco-friendly, flex packaging creates 1/26th the carbon of our competitors rigid bottles and the resin shelf life is guaranteed forever!

Included with Large 2.5 oz:
* 2.5 oz SunPowered Polyester Resin * Q-Cell
* 4 oz Fiberglass * 3 Bamboo Applicator Sticks
* Fin Rope * Sanding Pad 3 grits
* Mix Cups * Pair of Latex Gloves
* Smoothy Sheets *MEKP Catalyst

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