Furnace Absolute 3/2mm Chest Zip Long Sleeve Full Suit featuring Furnace Jacquard knitted Quick Dry thermal lining. Large front and back panels are lined internally with a new double knit jersey creating pockets of air trapping body heat, as well as allowing it to drain and dry ultra fast. Super light Foam- 250 percent high stretch foam with excellent thermal retention and made from up-cycled car tires.AX1 Premium Super-flex stretch jersey is durable hook and loop resistant with excellent hand feel and low water absorption, stretching up to 250 percent of its usual resting state. Chest zip entry system with internal GBS zipper barrier, external Twin needle stretch Blind-stitch with Machine applied pressure bonded stretch tape. Furnace Absolute Comp is engineered for quality but affordable.

Fabric: 80% NEOPRENE 20% NYLON.

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