Crazy times but we have things under control here at Mount Surf Shop.

We are following the guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Health.

We have one person doing all the picking / packing / and delivering locally, and the Team at Aramex doing our out of town deliveries. 

In house, we have an updated cleaning protocol and an updated packing protocol which does everything we can to provide a sterile transaction. From Cleaning down everything that is used in the packing station and what was touched as we've entered the building Washing our hands regularly and using gloves while packing and hand sanitiser between each order being packed. 

From a click and collect perspective, knock at the door and step back, details are handed over, we grab the order and place it outside the door. Once the customer has left we clean the door and handles with cleaner and a new paper towel, once cleaned up the paper towels and gloves go straight in the bin.