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This board is a work horse for the traditional longboarder. A “Classic” California inspired template designed by CJ and Ian to be extremely neutral in its intention. Very fast and loose off the tail and stable on the nose. A perfect longboard to take anywhere and ride with confidence. This is a favorite of the whole team.


“My life goal to continually elevate my level of surfing has led me on a long quest to explore different designs and constructions. I love to surf different boards in different conditions and so I have remained open to new ideas and have tried boards built from wood to epoxy and tried many, many shapes.

Until recently however, nothing really compared to the traditional polyester boards that I’ve surfed since I was a kid. I still love a good poly board, but I have also discovered the amazing hand built Thunderbolt Technology Epoxy Matrix boards.

These boards are built like no other and incorporate advanced materials and stringer systems that take performance and durability to new levels. Aussie shaper Ian Chisholm and I designed these boards from the inside out, adapting our polyester shapes to take full advantage of the new materials and make the subtle adaptations necessary to make these boards perform at the highest levels I have ever experienced.

Each board is weighted specifically for its mission, and all are super strong, providing strength together with controlled flex that simply are not available in other boards. Whether laminated with XEON pigmented fiberglass or Carbon Fiber, all are built to last and have helped elevate my personal surfing in all conditions.” – CJ NELSON




9’5″ x 23″ x 3 1/16″ @ 68.8 Litres

10’0″ x 23 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ @ 88.15 Litres

NOTE: Actual model doesn't have the chevrons but is is resin white

What is Xeon Fibre Glass

Thunderbolt flagship model. It appeared as a surfboard with the ultimate quality: special fiber exion fiber, which is electrostatically colored with fiber, and the highest peak design using a three-dimensional curve in aerodynamics. While pulling out the tenacious flex, the exquisite structure with a vacuum-laminated carbon patch on the tail responds quickly to twisting as well. You can enjoy the ride with a good response. Japan Limited specifications adjust the amount of cloth and resin in consideration of Japanese leg power. Higher flex, 10% lighter than international models, finished in durable quality.


What is Texalium

Texalium was developed by a company based out of California named Hexcel. It's a fiberglass-based fabric that has a proprietary finish and a thin coating of aluminum on the surface. The aluminum coating is 99.99% pure and approximately 200 angstroms in thickness

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